Vented Transmission Dipstick 2G Auto DSM

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Product Overview

Introducing the Billet automatic transmission dipstick. This is a complete remove and replace component that gets rid of your stock dipstick with something that will make all the boys and girls drool when you pop the hood. 
The factory transmission dipstick tubes on the DSM automatic transmissions are vented from the factory, which allows air that could be generated (foaming), when the fluid passes through the gears, clutches and planetaries. The Mitsubishi engineers got the venting part correct, but they didn’t account for the fact that it would spew all over your engine bay or in extreme cases your tires if it were to rise to the top of the tube.
The Antilag Racing dipstick was produced for a few reasons:
•    The dipstick can be connected to a catch can to facilitate a path for excess fluid to travel.
•    Provide a larger orifice for venting (Utilizes a 1/16” NPT fitting) through the center of the handle versus the stock pin hole vent.
•    Provide a mechanism to safety wire your dipstick to the actual transmission tube. 
•    Billet handle to get rid of that unsightly and often broken plastic/metal stock unit

Features and included in each kit:
•    Double O‐ring with tolerance fit body specific, for 1G or 2G dipstick tubes
•    6061 Aluminum handle machined in the U.S.A
•    New Lokar dipstick with indicator
•    ‐4 AN to 1/16th National Pipe Thread fitting adapter


(No reviews yet) Write a Review