Crankcase Breather 4G63 DSM/EVO

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Product Overview

Tired of crankcase ventilation issues from the valve cover? Always popping the dip stick after a pull?

The AntiLag Racing crankcase ventilation adapter kit for the 4g63 engine is your solution.

The kit features a 6061 machined adapter that has a -10 O-ring boss port, which offers you the versatility to pick any style of -10 AN orb fitting to accommodate the space constraints in your race car. We have included a straight -10 AN port fitting in the kit, as well as the associated hardware to bolt the item on.

The adapter fits in both early 6 bolt, and late model (7 bolt) front cases balance shaft sections. It will also work with the Kiggly racing crank sensor adapter, for the 6 bolt engines. If you don’t run important kevin’s adapter, simply add the provided washers under the lower bolt for spacing.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review