Coil On Plug (COP) Kit DSM Complete 2G DSM

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Product Overview

Introducing our Inductive Coil on Plug Ignition which are compatible with 2G DSM vehicles

The Antilag Racing Coil on Plug Ignition kit features:
⦁    Anodized aluminum plate with recessing for tucking the wire harness under the plate
⦁    Authentic Denso Inductive coils with built in Ignitors
⦁    Lightweight Mil-spec Wiring harness with high temp sheeting and loom
⦁    Harness is terminated with Deutsche Connectors and Denso Connectors
⦁    Maintains a Tach Signal for the OEM dash clusters
⦁    Stainless Hardware for that baller look
⦁    Eliminates the use of the Power transistor units
⦁    Has lit off 800 + HP worth of fuel on Free candy

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review