Billet Shifter Cable Bracket Bushing 2G DSM and EVO123

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White Shed Speed billet DSM shifter cable bracket bushings replace the stock rubber bushings and tighten up the shifter feel for a more firm and positive shift.  The OEM rubber bushings are prone to wear and fatigue, eventually allowing a sloppy shifter, and an increase in missed shifts.  Some suggest "just use some washers", or "weld it".  It's possible to do this, but this is a hack and does not positively and precisely locate the bracket.  Why would you trust your $2000+ built transmission to a $0.10 hack.

The White Shed Speed bushings are precision CNC machined out out of aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum.  This design utilizes a thick outer "washer" to resist deformation - maintaing a proper bolt clamp load, and leading to a well designed bolted joint.  They positively and precisely locate the shifter cable bracket.

Includes 2 bushing halves and instructions - may require replacing the original bolts with longer ones.  Price is $48 shipped.


Will fit:

1995-1999 DSM


3000GT/Stealth 6 Speed


(No reviews yet) Write a Review